Dear friends and fellow thinkers

As in times gone by we are surrounded by countless claims to the truth. Many of these claims are used to justify laws and regulations that restrict the range and scope of our personal actions. Others are used to justify the most barbaric of actions.

It is obvious that the claims made by religious and non-religious groups such as those of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Communism, Nazism and Socialism cannot all be true. It is also obvious when we consider events such as the Nazi holocaust, Inquisition and Communist revolutions that many of these claims can lead to great harm.

Some people believe that in the absence of formal religion the majority of people wouldn't know how to behave despite the fact that it is relatively easy for anyone to develop a set of moral guidelines of their own.

If we seek to ground our behaviour on moral principles that can be defended against the greatest thinkers of all time then we need to rely on our senses to guide us towards the truth. If we can do so we will be using a tool that every other living organism uses and one that our ancestors used long before language enabled them to reason their way against them.

Relying on our senses enables us to eliminate the vast majority of belief systems and the manipulation they are capable of. The arguments used to con us have been developed over the centuries by philosophers who are highly revered even today. Because these philosophers devoted their lives towards the formulation of their arguments it is not always easy to refute them unless we have a solid grounding upon which to do so.

The information required to develop such a grounding is now available to you free of charge in a compact and simple format. This endeavour would not have been possible without the advent of the Internet. Never before has it been so easy to obtain such a host of diverse opinions and it is my sincerest wish that my efforts will help in providing the means with which their truth status can be weighed.

I would appreciate it if you are able to assist by distributing original and unmodified copies of this file or its printed counterpart and/or printing or copying the cover page and posting it on notice boards and/or internet sites. You may use any portion of this text subject to the usual acknowledgements.

Any constructive criticisms are welcome and will be taken cognisance of in future editions.

Best wishes and happy reading.

Allan Sztab
17 April 1998