Nietzsche on Institutions

Twilight of the Idols - Expeditions of an Untimely Man - 39

Living for today, living irresponsibly is today called 'freedom'. Whenever the word 'authority' is so much as heard one believes oneself in danger of a new slavery. For institutions to exist there must exist the kind of will, instinct, imperative which is anti-liberal to the point of malice: the will to tradition and to authority. (Without effective punishments no authority can be imposed.)

Take marriage for example. The rationale of marriage lay 1) in the legal sole responsibility of the man and 2) its indissolubility in principle. Indissolubility made itself heard against the accidents of feeling, passion and the moment. Love matches have simply eliminated the foundation of marriage, that alone which makes it an institution.
One doesn't make an institution on the basis of an idiosyncrasy such as 'love' but on the basis of the sexual drive, the drive to own property (wife and children), the drive to dominate, to have heirs so as to retain an achieved measure of power, wealth and influence.