Why I Love Nietzsche- by Allan Sztab

Many people today and in the past have tried to understand the nature of evil- what it is and why it exists. That it exists cannot be doubted and the Nazi holocaust is probably the most infamous example of all. Trying to understand how something like this could have taken place takes one into the very depths of the human psyche.

After three years of formal study of philosophy and logic at Unisa I was no closer to understanding the nature of evil. In desperation I found myself one day standing in front of the philosophy section of the Wits university library with the determination to start from A and proceed all the way to Z until I had found some answers. Fortunately I only had to go from A to K where I discovered a series of three books by Walter Kaufmann titled 'Discovering the Mind'. In volume 2 I was introduced to Nietzsche for the first time- a great sin after having just completed three years of university study. Needless to say I was hooked.

Reading Nietzsche was like quenching a great thirst after roaming around for days without water in a barren desert. Despite being translated from his native German into English, Nietzsche speaks clearly, without wasting words, with metaphorical examples that lead to a depth of understanding that is unsurpassed by anyone I have ever read or am ever likely to read.

Unlike many philosophers Nietzsche has no grand explanatory scheme of things. Unlike many philosophers Nietzsche is only intent on finding the truth- as difficult as it might be to accept it. He has nothing to hide, no hidden agendas. He offers the most keen and penetrating insights into the psychology of the human mind that are simply astounding. He had the courage to venture into recesses of the human mind where others fear to tread.
It is no surprise that he had a great influence on many prominent scholars who came after him and continues to influence great thinkers even today.

One can spend a lifetime trying to understand the human psyche or one can read Nietzsche.